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Below you’ll find a number of frequently asked questions. We are here to help, please reach out if you have other questions. Thank you!



Do you have package deals?

  • Yes, mid week, 3 nights or weekend, 4 nights

What is included in your rental fee?

  • Everything listed on the wedding site package

What additional fees are there? 

  • Hotel tax, Event insurance, & Cancelation Insurance

Can packages be adjusted?  

  • No, not during regular wedding season

What is your wedding capacity? 

  • We do not have a set capacity for weddings. For larger groups, please contact The HideOut. Our average wedding size is 50-200 guests. Please contact us directly to discuss your wedding.

What is your alcohol policy? 

  • You may bring your own alcohol

Do you accept credit cards? 

  • No

Are there any rules about when events must end? 

  • No

Do you allow us to provide some decorations to fit our color scheme and tastes?

  • Yes

What sort of restrictions do you have for your venue?

  • Please contact us for any specific requests

What is your payment schedule (what do you require for a deposit, when is the full payment due)? 

  • $2000 deposit & ½ of rental fee with signed contract.  Balance is due 180 days prior to check in

Are there any service fees that apply? 

  • No

What’s the cancellation policy? 

  1. There will be a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total rental fee if the guest stay is cancelled less than 1 year prior to date of event unless we can re-rent the property for the same price, or (b)

  2. The entire rental fee will be charged if an event is cancelled one hundred & eighty (180) days or less prior to the date of guest stay unless we can re-rent the property for the same price.

  3. There will be no refunds or offsets for inclement weather, loss of utilities, acts of God, or the act of any government body.

  4. There will be a service charge of $500.00 to process all change of dates, cancellations and possible refunds.


What if it rains? 

  • No refunds or offsets for inclement weather, loss of utilities, acts of God

Do you allow dogs? 

  • Short answer YES, Long answer, with restrictions.  Please check with owners

How many can the log benches accommodate at the wedding site?  

  • Approx. 165

What if there is a problem during our stay?  

  • There is always a HideOut staff member on site to assist you

What is the average summer temperature?  

  • 75-80º

What is “Special Event Insurance” described in the contract?

  • Most venues require this.  It is for your protection and ours, in case anything happens , ie, accident, alcohol related incident, etc.



How many bedrooms? 

  • 5 in the lodge, 2 in the saloon

How many beds? 

  • 2 Kings  3 Queens 2 sets of twins

Is there lodging close by?  

  • YES, Kirkwood Ski Resort.  There are 2 property management companies, Pyramid Peak Properties & Vail Resorts.



Is 4-wheel drive vehicle necessary?  

  • No

What are the best airports?

  • Reno? Sacramento?   Depends where they are flying from.  Reno & Sacramento are pretty equal distance.

Have other guests arranged for transportation from the airports?

  • Yes, please ask for details

How far is the drive from these airports?  

  • Approx 3 hrs

For shuttling purposes, can buses maneuver the HideOut Road and Pucker Butt Hill? 

  • No. Vans only, please

How long does it take to get to The Hideout from the highway?  

  • 15 min approx

How far is it to Kirkwood Ski Resort? 

  • 15 miles



Do you provide tables & chairs?  

  • Yes for 200 guests

Do you provide chair covers, decorations, linens, plates/silverware? 

  • No

Who is responsible for garbage removal? 

  • The HideOut will deal with garbage

Do you recycle? 

  • Only aluminum cans, beer bottles & plastic water bottles

Are there dishes, pots & pans, glasses, silverware?  

  • Yes, for your stay, not the wedding

Is there an ice maker on site?  

  • NO, you will need to bring ice

Nearest ice? 

  • Silver Lake, 7 miles

Nearest grocery store: 

  • 35 miles, Safeway, Pollock Pines or 30 miles, Payless Mkt, Pioneer




Is there Wi-Fi? 

  • Yes, in the saloon

Is there a landline?

  • Yes, in the saloon

Do you have a PA system?  

  • We have 2 PA systems, one for the wedding site, clip on mic & one for the reception site, wireless mic

Is it easy to hook into? Can we use basic devices, like a laptop or iPod, phone?  

  • Yes

Is there power at the wedding site? 

  • Yes

Are you off grid?  

  • We are totally off grid.  We are solar & generator.  We are on site at all times to deal with any problems that may occur



Do you require a specific caterer?

  • No

Can we bring our own caterer? 

  • Yes

Do you have a vendor list?

  • Yes



What is your onsite sleeping capacity? 

  • 20 in the buildings, 30 adults camping

Has anyone ever rented “luxury tents”? 

  • Yes

Can I target shoot?  

  • YES, in the designated area

Do you allow campfires? 

  • Yes, in designated spots only & only if weather allows

Do we need to bring firewood? 

  • NO

Is the lake swimmable?  

  • YES

Are there bears?  

  • Yes, but they are wild bears, not trash bears. They don’t bother us

Can we fish in the lake? 

  • Yes, catch & release please

Do you know if other guests have rented RVs, and if so, are there places nearby?

  • Yes & yes

Do the camp sites include running water? Fire pits? Electricity? 

  • No, no fires or cooking in the camping area unless they are in an RV.  NO fires except in our fire pits.  All dry camping

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